Upcoming: Exhibition at Compton Verney

Hartsmith Gold Trust

We are currently working with the lovely people at Compton Verney who are helping us to put on an exhibition of some of our most spectacular drawings. Alongside the artwork will be many of the pieces that were made at the workshop from the original designs. The exhibition will be running from June 27th until 13th September 2015.

The Hart Silversmiths: A Living Tradition

This exhibition explores the evolution of a living tradition in design and silversmithing which has its origins in the Arts and Crafts Movement. Following the line of the family of Harts who have worked in the Silk Mill in Chipping Campden for over a century, this exhibition brings together both domestic and civic commissions alongside the spectacular drawings which have inspired them. It also tells the story of a tradition and way of life which began with C. R. Ashbee’s Guild of Handicraft in the East End of London, moving to Chipping Campden in 1902 and then run by George Hart and subsequent members of the Hart family from 1912 to the present day.

With support from: The Hart Silversmiths Trust

For further information please contact Compton Verney: